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Are you looking for how to convert from PDF to Word? Well I tell you that you do not need to go around or visit thousands of websites to prove which tool is better.

After many years, the best online tool that saves you from installing programs with viruses or any harmful malware is on a web page: I Love PDF

And just in case this is not a sponsored post, I recommend it with your eyes closed. I have been using it for many years and I can assure you that it is the fastest, most reliable and easiest method to use in just 3 steps.

3 Simple steps to convert a PDF to Word

Upload the PDF file (1)


Wait for the upload and click the Convert to Word button

Wait for the conversion to complete, and a window will open to save the converted file …


Have you but expected something more complicated?

Well, it’s that simple, also on this page you can make more than one type of conversion in addition to word, you can make different conversion types. You can use the tool totally free or create an account, and even includes a premium version.


Other features of I Love PDF:


Once the PDF documents have been processed, only you will have access to the files that are generated. For your security, the download link will be automatically deleted after a certain time depending on your type of account.

Guaranteed final result with the highest possible quality

The final result is PDF documents with the highest possible quality. And for compression, we offer you the best quality in the smallest possible file space.

I LOVE PDF Speak in several languages

No matter where you are from, I’m sure we’ll understand each other. I love pdf is available in multiple languages , you can change it by clicking on Menu at the top right -> Languages.

Direct to the Cloud

It is not necessary that PDF documents are located on the device from which you access. You can work directly from the cloud by accessing your Google Drive or Dropbox account. You take your pdf from the cloud and, once processed, you save it back in the cloud.

Complatible with all

I love pdf is compatible with all browsers (Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox …), with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux …) and also with all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).

Solution to all your questions

All problems with PDF files have a solution. Search our help page or contact i Love PDF directly through the form.

Sending of Encrypted Information

Premium users have one more plus security: sending data is encrypted thanks to the HTTPS protocol.

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