How to download YouTube videos Free, Fast, Easy and Safe

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For a long time the most practical way to download free YouTube videos was with programs or an extension for Google Chrome but now there are web pages that do all the work.

Every month YouTube changes the codes to hinder the extraction of their videos. For that reason having a program, app or browser extension is not very practical as it quickly becomes obsolete.

This article explains different options for downloading videos from Youtube in case one does not work for you.

How to download videos from Youtube Free and Easy

The most practical to my way of seeing is through a web page to download YouTube videos, it’s fast, easy, I do not have to install anything. But EYE there are some that are pure publicity, then I leave you a complete guide of websites and recommended programs and those not recommended so you can download your videos with peace of mind.

Sites to download videos from youtube

The main advantage is how fast and effective. But one of the best advantages and why we strongly recommend using this method, is that you are less likely to infect your computer with viruses.

Sites NOT RECOMMENDED to download videos from YouTube:

These websites have a lot of publicity and in some cases could compromise the security of your team.


Google Chrome extensions to download videos

These have several advantages: the main one, which are perfectly integrated in the browser , so you do not have to open another program or tab to use them. Just open the YouTube page and the extension will be available for use. They are not only for youtube, they are used for almost any web. First you must go to: Chrome Web Store  and there you will find:

  • Video Downloader professional
  • The Flash Video Downloader

Programs to download YouTube videos

The main advantage is that you do not need to use the browser and you can download several videos at once . You can even leave the downloads while you go to sleep.

No, it’s not a sponsored post, it’s actually the only one I know that does not have a virus, that is more effective and above all that is easier to use. I can not recommend another. But if you know any, leave it in the comments and add it to the list.

Programs NOT RECOMMENDED to download videos from YouTube:

  • aTube Catcher
  • Youtube Downloader HD
  • VDonwloader
  • ClipGrab

How to download videos from YouTube to the mobile

In the same way that you do it from the PC, using one of the web pages that we mentioned above. You just have to add the URL of the video and it is already. To copy the URL of the video you give the option to «share» and then «Copy link». Paste the URL on the website you have chosen and already. You can also download an app for your cell phone:

  • SnapTube (Android)
  • TubeMate (Android)
  • Videoder (Android)
  • Workflow (iPhone)

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